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We are NOW scheduling processing for the remainder of 2022! Call NOW 330-222-1112.

Beef Cut sheet can be done online here below, printed and brought into the store or come in for a paper copy. PLEASE be sure to place a back tag on your beef when dropping off for identification, otherwise we cannot identify your beef. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing after livestock is dropped off. We are not a slaughter site therefore the livestock is transported to a slaughter site and returned to us in approximately 1 week later. Processing is very busy therefore it may take a little longer to be finished. Please call US around 3-4 weeks if you haven’t gotten a call stating it is completed at 330-222-1112 to inquire. We do try and call you but that takes a person away from the processing to make the calls therefore it holds up the processing line. Thank You! Hope you have an amazing Day :)

Great information on Processing weights from Columbiana Fair.

Thank you for your cut sheet !
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